Saturday, 25 June 2011

Read 'em and weep

There's a little bit of history to this one.

I was married for over 20 years, but sadly once we'd left army life, and the kids had left home, we grew apart. Eventually, in 2006 we called it a day and went our separate ways.

This song seemed to be forever on the radio, or TV, or jukebox. It's been covered by several people, but none of them are a patch on the original.


  1. Hi, Nigel ! I went through divorce 4 years ago.. so I can relate to your post.. the story can go on and on.. but to put it short, there's nothing that's forever in our lives.. I searched lyric of this song and it's a pretty damn good song expressing every single bit of emotion ;)
    Well.. there's full moon starting in July.. so I'm going to hold my wishes so hard in my heart that it will bring everything you wish for to your life ! Don't be surprised if it comes true !


  2. Me, too, went through a divorce and although it was a 'friendly' separation, the hurt and sadness is always deep. I can feel it all in the page you made! I never heard this song and when I see 'Meatloaf' he always takes me back to my teens ('Paradise by the dashboardlights'...) and my first crush on a boy... bittersweet memories.

  3. This collage is both beautiful and sad Nigel. Always sad when a marriage breaks down, for whatever reason,I know that too well.
    Life goes on but it always carries bittersweet memories.
    My best to you dear friend. xx

  4. Beautiful page and a very moving post...

  5. Ah, the sweetness of life: Our joys and sorrows eventually meld and become one wonderful rainbow of memories ... and those who are lucky, like you Nigel, can use those feelings to develop gorgeous and interesting art!

  6. Twenty years is a long time to spend with someone...I think it's beautiful that you can express yourself so well in your heals!
    Meatloaf is a cool blast from the past :)