Saturday, 4 December 2010

Christmas production has started in earnest

Today was a Christmas card workshop at the Cubby Hole, with Sarah Anderson.

After an hour spent gossiping, we eventually started at 11. Sarah provided some sample cards for inspiration, and then left us to get on with it. in our own styles, and just prompting and helping where needed. From then on we sprayed and inked and stamped (and ate cake), and I eventually left with eight cards and a decorated peg.

Production was suspended at one point as Carol received and opened a parcel of stamps from Stampotique, resulting in the sort of feeding frenzy normally seen on Discovery channel :)

Whilst I was making cards, and using red inks, it seemed sensible to make one for this week's Play Date Cafe, where the theme is Red & White. In the end I made three :)


  1. Great cards Nigel.... I especially like the middle one.
    Why I didn't use that gorgeous scroll stamp I'll never know.. nowt so queer as....

  2. 8 cards in 1 day!! Massive achievement, especially when they are Christmas ones lol. Love all 3 of these, keep on racking my brain for inspiration for the red and white theme for the PDCC but come up with nothing yet!


  3. Lovely creations Nigel, so wish I could have been there, but had something booked for a while. Will have to get myself on a workshop very soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Tracy Evans x x

  4. Sounds like you all had a brilliant day, wish I'd been there. And these are excellent cards. Can't believe you actually made 8 cards!!!! Very productive. i'm lucky to get one made a day lol esp at a workshop.

  5. A lovely set of cards! Good idea to bring in our colours, my favourite is the second one with the flourishes. Thanks for playing along with us at the Play Date Cafe this week.

  6. Your cards are great Nigel. A goodly output for the day.
    You often mention 'The Cubbyhole', sounds a great friendly, place.
    Hugs June xx

  7. Love the cards ... sounds like a productive adoring the middle one....I wonder why.....Oh Yes a lovely big swirly flourish!

  8. Super cards! I like the middle card as well, as I have a thing for flourishes. Holy productivity Batman! Eight cards in one day? Awesome! Now to continue on that path of serious crafting...

  9. Beautiful cards--all of them...I'm not sure which is my those stars! Thanks so much for playing along and joining in the fun over at the PDCC:}

  10. I think this was one of our most productive workshops yet, despite the late start and the relaxed style. I just love these three pieces of yours Nigel :) Thanks for playing along in the Play Date Cafe with us, we enjoy having you! :)

  11. your cards are super Nigel
    each and every one
    I have not made one this year and am wondering if any store bought cards will get sent...oh well

    Red and White is a popular theme, I chose it for the Wednesday Stamper theme this week too...tis the season

    Love what you've done with it!


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