Sunday, 5 December 2010

Insert your own cheesey title here

Well, I was going to add something cheesy/corny about bees but decided not to inflict anything that bad on you; you can do it yourself - after all, this is a DIY recipe book :)

This is the second of three books, the first one is here. The girl at work who will receive this has recently acquired an allotment and is hoping to start bee-keeping next year.

Large bee is Stampotique, grass & flowers are Artemio, small bees are unknown.


  1. Great idea for a gift Nigel, I love the bee images. Got me thinking about bees on my allotment now LOL. Tracy Evans x x

  2. I would love to know how to customise these books...;) That bee stamp is fab, I fell in love with the card you did a while ago with this stamp and this book is just as lovely. Beautiful stamping as always! x

  3. Well you have been a busy bee - sorry but you did say insert own cheesy title, sorry to have taken it literally!

    Love this, the tecture and fibres (? is that the right word) in the card looks perfect for this nature inspired cover.


  4. Hi Nigel,

    The gal who is getting this book is in for a treat! Very handsome work. Clever of you to make it for recipes--you can expect some edible treats to come your way in the next year!!

    Your Christmas cards are beautiful, and i enjoyed your post about your Army memories. It is amazing how long things can live in our minds, and seem as real as the day we experienced them. Thanks for sharing!

    Also thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog! I still feels weird not posting art every day...we'll see what happens after the holidays.



  5. What a fabulous tailor-made gift. I am sure it will be well appreciated. Have you ever kept bees? I think I would like to, but we would need a bigger garden!!
    Gorgeous bee images and flowers!!
    Sue xx

  6. Lucky future bee keeper Nigel
    Love this recipe book cover!
    Happy December weekend to you


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