Saturday, 24 October 2009


I've been down south all week. I was called down to check out the latest system upgrade to see if it fitted what we needed, only to discover that it wasn't quite ready. By the end of the week we'd put together something which works; it's not pretty but it works. The hotel was excellent; comfortable room, good food, etc; and net access at £7.50 a night! I don't think so. I tried my mobile broadband but there was no signal :( As a result I spent most nights reworking the Cubby Hole website. You can see the results here.

I arrived back last night and realised I needed a 40th birthday card for today. Fortunately there was a template challenge on Crafts by Carolyn so I managed to kill two birds with one stone.

I've also managed to get the latest Gothic Arch done. I missed the last one as I had a mojo failure, so was determined not to miss this one as well. The theme is Risque, and I had this image lurking in a folder of old sepia photos. Hopefully I've not missed the deadline.


  1. Great peek-a-boo feature you've created through the keyhole and the lady is gorgeous! Very original arch creation! I was quite late myself!

  2. Great take on risque' I would never have thought of thru the keyhole! love the card too and the website at Cubby Hole is looking good. I used to live down south;o) well I still do, just in a different country! have a good week, Nettie

  3. Brilliant arch! :) I'd say that it's one of my favourites.