Thursday, 15 October 2009

Light and dark

There should really be three items on display here but sadly one didn't make it. Monday was book club night and time to discuss "Twilight" - the latest vampire craze doing the rounds. It receive good reviews all round the table, until it reached me. It wasn't bad, just boring. If they'd cut the first 300 pages down to about 50 it would have made a good short story (and nobody would have missed the other 250 pages). The crafty challenge was to create an 8x8 layout inspired by the book. After 3 weeks of trying I was still looking at a blank page and waiting for inspiration to strike. Ah well, you can't win them all.

Now to the two items I have managed to produce.
First up is a Silver anniversary card. This is a commission from a friend. I was a little bit worried that I might have to do something cute, but she wanted something simple and elegant, so it was time to go back to basics again.
The rose is painted with silver acrylics, mounted on silver card and then onto heavyweight linen card. Unfortunately the scanner doesn't pick up shine very well so the silver looks grey.

The other offering is my contribution for the latest swap at the Cubby Hole. The challenge is to make a Hallowe'en card. Initially I tried to avoid using the ubiquitous orange & black theme, but somewhere along the way they crept in so I gave up the fight and went with the flow. I have managed to avoid pumpkins though :)


  1. Cooo . Nigel. So love the 'light and 'dark' offerings your anniversery card is truly amazing! I am sure it will be well received. So love the Halloween card - I am sure your 'swapee' is going to be thrilled!

  2. Both cards are great Nigel... I love the halloween card... great atmosphere
    Sue B

  3. fabulous work, particularly like the different take on Halloween. The roses remind me of a paiting my late Mom did, in fact I had to double take when I saw it! have a great weekend! Nettie

  4. Knowing you, you'll pick that book up again for sure - to use it to flatten an ATC or to squat a fly ;)

    Great cards and I love the Halloween one. It's magnificent the writing on it is perfect :))

  5. I love that Halloween card - so atmospheric.