Sunday, 7 June 2009

A weekend of two halves

I've been trying to write this since about 11 this morning but it's one of those days. I've been up for 8 hours and apart from mooching about the web and compiling tonight's quiz all I've managed to do is watch the Grand Prix (apart from the bit where I fell asleep).

Yesterday was the complete opposite. Up early, plenty of energy and raring to go. Out the door by 9 to get some shopping done before heading to the Cubby Hole for the crop-shop. There were a couple of new faces yesterday which always good to see, and a good cross-section of things being worked on; wedding pics, kids, memories of France and so on. I'd taken along my 12 questions book to try and catch up. I've managed to get March and April done so not too bad. Normally I work out roughly what I'm going to do beforehand, and take along pictures and text printed off the PC, as well as any embellishments and papers that I might need. I did that for April's page but March was done straight from the top of my head (scary!).

March - What inspires you?
I originally did this page in the original small book, and it's one of the reasons I decided to start again in a larger format. The original 4x4 layout was too small, too bare and was just 'wrong'. The only thing I kept was the 4 headings; Life, Nature, People and Beliefs. I've had a couple of ideas for it but they didn't work. The last one was to try one of those 'Word clouds' that seem to be all the rage on the web nowadays but it still didn't look right.
I started yesterday with a couple of pieces of card, chalks, inks, a couple of pens and just started writing down words and doodling. From somewhere came the idea of flowers and the rest just followed. Once I'd got the page done it was a case of going through the words I'd come up with and adding them to one of the flowers. Some were easy; seasons goes to nature, crafters goes to people, but where do you put love, laughter, tears? By lunchtime it was completed, and after a quick break it was on to April.

April - What song is the soundtrack to your life
Another easy one - not! I've spent weeks trying to answer this. The obvious choice would be Freebird, but it's not my soundtrack - more like my theme tune. I'd hear something in a song and think "that's it", but then look at the whole song and bin it. In memory of the Martyrs is one of the first one's I came up with, but I kept rejecting it as too 'deep' or 'arty' or any other reason, even though I liked it, but mainly because I'd hate to think of myself as a martyr (although we all are from time to time I suppose). Finally I gave in, and used it.
The first verse is me now; enjoying life, saying "Yes" instead of "No", trying to stay positive and ignore the down sides of life.
The second verse is the old me. The me that grew up constrained by others; parents, job, wife, kids, etc. If I was offered a chance to do something my first thoughts were how it would affect others, would they object, and so on. I still do it occasionally, but usually after I've already said "Yes".
The last verse is the future, for all of us. Whether we like it or not, the green grass will cover us all.
Once I'd got the words printed out it didn't take long to put the pages together, and even better - there's not an earth tone in sight :)

Last night I was still in crafty mood. I'd picked up a copy of Flight 666 and a nice Italian Rosé, so spent a pleasant evening listening to Iron maiden, sipping wine and sketching out ideas for today. Ah well, the ideas are still there for next week.


  1. Love your 'soundtrack' piece and your reasons behind it! Also your evening sounded pretty fab too!! ^.^

  2. Thanks. Compliments are always welcome :D