Saturday, 20 June 2009

It's a man thing

Well, it's Saturday night and here I am again. I really should arrange my life so that I go out at weekends, and not during the week but I might get complaints from my regular readers (yeah, right).

It's been a good week crafty wise. I managed
to get CJ4 done, but forgot to take a pic before handing it in. Ah well, you'll just have to use your imaginations. I've also been card making this week, and it's the thing that a lot of crafters dread - cards for men. Not boys, or teenagers but the grown-up type. The problem is that while there is more stuff for other cards than you can shake a stick at, when it comes to men's cards things are pretty thin on the ground. There's the ubiquitous sports/cars stuff, and comedy 'man-with-pint' images, but that's about it really.

I needed two cards. One for a friend's
birthday, and one for Father's day. A while ago I managed to find some 12x12 papers which are quite masculine so I've got something to base the cards on. Throw in some metallic card, screw heads and some copper brads and you have the two cards on display here.

Current mojo level is active, but not on overdrive, which is fine as I'm on leave for 10 days so there's plenty of time to catch up with crafty stuff. Tonight it's Australian Shiraz, Green & Black's chocolate and a laid-back jazz compilation. Mellowness prevails :)

Night all.


  1. Your 'Man' cards are really nice. I've only every made one Male Birthday Card and I kind of struggled with that to make it different from the usual. The colour scheme that I used was exactly like yours here!

  2. Oh yes!!! A male who agrees with a female!!! OR is that a female who agrees with a male!!! lol The crafting world really does lack a certain 'male thing' (so as to speak!!) So unless you require that 'alcoholic golfer' look 'one' needs to use their brain cells (or in my case - cell!!)
    Your cells have done you well...your cards look great!! ^.^

  3. Thanks ladies. Nice to know I'm doing something right :)

  4. Hi Nigel - love the cards you created. But more than that, I love how you spent the evening! . . . Australian Shiraz, Green & Black's chocolate and a laid-back jazz compilation. Oh yes, that's MY kind of evening :)

    Nice meeting you! Stop by and see me sometime soon.