Saturday, 11 April 2009

Saturday scrapping and a monkey

Today was the monthly 'Crop-shop' at The Cubby Hole. Seeing as it's Easter it was a bit quieter than usual, only 5 of us there, but there was plenty of crafting and the usual hilarity and banter. Sadly, since the Cubby Hole relocated the chip bap lunch is no more.
There was also much discussion of crafting style. We are all fairly seasoned crafters (apart from Naomi, but she's just naturally talented). The thing is we are all good at what we do, but we feel like we're becoming predictable. Pick up any of the CJs that are on display, or look at the pieces that are hanging up and most of the time we can tell who's work it is. I think it's time I went and took a peek outside the comfort zone. I wonder if anybody else will join me?
We also have this month's question to answer. "Which song is the soundtrack to your life?" Should I go for the obvious answer, or try and think of something other than Freebird for a change?
I've also picked up the next CJ3, which apparently I should have had completed by today. Hmmm, I feel a busy crafting period coming up.

Anyway, back to today.

First up was the next layout in my festivals book, and this time around it was the Spring Equinox, not exactly my favourite, and one which I don't really mark other than the fact that it follows my birthday. Luckily it ties in with Eostre/Easter so I was able to attack it from that angle. It's not bad, but going back to comment above, it feels a bit 'samey'. I wonder how Beltaine will work out?

By time I'd finished that, and spent far too much and talked to much, I remembered that it is one of my grandson's birthday tomorrow so it was time for a quick card. The paper is Ramos from S.E.I.'s Madeira Island collection, and the stamp is Patchwork Monkey from Woodware.

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