Saturday, 18 April 2009

Housey, housey

It's been a good day today. The sun has been out and there was a very enjoyable workshop at the Cubby Hole with the very talented Sue Roddis. Today's theme was to create houses from grey board and decorate them with the emphasis being on use of colour, rather than techniques.

I said last week that I needed to go outside my comfort zone and I guess today was the first nervous peek round the corner. I've tried to move away from my usual earth-tones and gone for mostly black and white with hints of blue (a colour I wouldn't normally work with). I didn't escape the earth tones completely, but at least they're not dominant.

I hope you enjoy them.


  1. it looks great I love the use of that text on the black background , that poppyseed stamp is gorgeous.

  2. Wohooo you got a blog!!! :)

    Hi Nigel, lovely to finaly put a blog to a face so to speak, and great job on the houses.


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