Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Chilled :)

I meant to blog this yesterday but got sidetracked as usual.

I've just spent the last 2 days putting the van through it's paces and it's passed with flying colours. The original plan was to go to Llangollen, but half way through booking I mentioned that I'd be in a van and he 'suddenly' realised they were booked up. Oh well, his loss.

Instead I finished up at a lovely site near to Bala Bwch yn Uchaf. If you like your camping low key and peaceful this site is excellent, and the owners very friendly. It's right next door to the Bala Lake Railway but unfortunately it doesn't run on Mondays.

I arrived on Sunday afternoon and left on Tuesday morning. With the
exception of the site owner I hardly saw a soul while I was there, and the only sounds were wind, water, birds and sheep. The van works well, and the only niggles were small things that I'd missed like tea-towels (a T-shirt does the job just as well). The site has old wheels to use as braziers and I managed to scavenge a few bits of wood from the old fire sites to make a fire on the Sunday.

Monday night was crystal clear which made for some wonderfully starry skies, but also meant it was close to freezing by morning. Unfortunately the clear skies didn't last, and by 11 it was raining so I decided to head home. That's the other good thing - no wet canvas to dry out.


  1. Than looks a lovely spot Nigel, nice and peacefull, and being near water is always a bonus.

    Glad the van held up to the trip. :)


  2. Hi Nigel , fab work on the van !
    I used to camp alot - every year to broadstairs folk festival ( im not into folk but theres alsorts there) anyway the campers there buy these solar pannal thingys for the fridges and they can even heat water - might be worth an investigation if your planning many trips into the wilds !

    have fun !
    maddy ( calvins maddy lol )