Sunday, 2 March 2014


A couple of pieces which have come from the challenges on Tara's Creative Spark course. The idea is to take two emotions and create a design using colours that you associate with them.

The first is fear & hope,
although fear is maybe too strong a word,
apprehension maybe?
It's inspired by a conversation about colour, and the fact that I really struggle with purple. Whenever I try to work with purple it normally comes out dull and lifeless, so I tend not to use it. White is similar. It's great as a background, or the odd highlight, but I can never get any detail or depth without it turning grey.
So feeling apprehensive, but hopeful, I applied brush to canvas and came up with this. Still not sure about the purple, but quite pleased with the white feather :)

Next up, joy & loss.
This started off as a collage experiment, using a day's worth of post-it notes (plus a couple I wrote specifically for this). I had a vague idea about memories and post-its seemed to fit. Yellow is my 'happy' colour ( I would love a yellow hippy van) and one I use regularly, along with orange and red. I needed something to contrast with it, so chose loss/heartbreak; and purple seemed to be the ideal colour to use, so I finished up with two pieces, with my least favourite colour, which I actually like.
I guess I'm on a role!

1 comment:

  1. great class having you tap into your emotions...
    your purple feather canvas is very rich and deep
    and your loss collage really touches me

    here in the US school buses are yellow and some retired buses have been turned into hippie vans...I can see you in one Nigel!