Saturday, 22 February 2014


Dark splintering shapes against a muted background
A myriad tangled branchings
Ever smaller
Punctuated by dark mass at junction points

Collision theory?
Fractal mathematics?

or old crow nests in bare winter trees?


  1. smashing journal pages Nigel. Annette x

  2. oooo, Nigel - you are one deep pagan. ;-)
    i seem to be running out of steam lately. So tonight - a quiet Saturday night - i poured myself a glass of wine (actually, i brought the whole bottle here!) and i'm catching up on blogs. Had a lovely visit here. It makes me happy to know that so many people out there & making & sharing art. xox

  3. I like the crows nest theory best:)

  4. Hi Nigel, I wrote a comment on your latest post but looks like something went wrong. Anyway... very nice pieces and I do like your purple :) also you touched very challenging themes like joy and loss which you expressed in a nice and delicate way. Thank you for sharing you art
    p.s. cool and poetic pages with trees!