Saturday, 11 January 2014

Well, it's a start...

This is it.
The sum total of my creativity
(excluding a couple of short verses)
since I posted this over a month ago.

For the last month I have had
no interest
no motivation
and no energy
to create anything.

The only reason I managed to do this
 is because it's part of a circle journal, so it had to be done.

Thankfully I now know why (anaemia)
and the tablets are kicking in so my energy is slowly returning.
Who knows, I may even have the energy to actually comment on blog posts again.


  1. good to see you pop up again.

    be well. everything else will wait.


  2. Nice page! Sorry to hear you're not feeling great though.
    Have you tried spa tone? It's iron rich sachets of water (from Wales but they sell it in the vitamin section at Boots and Tesco) and I recommend it to anyone needing iron, especially after a friend's Mum's iron wasn't increasing on iron tablets but then did after taking this water (checked at hospital)!!! Get well soon

  3. I wouldnt worry about not being creative, sometimes the break is just what you need. I just took almost a year out and am enjoying getting back into it all again slowly. Good luck with all things healthwise :0) hope you are soon doing your star jump warm ups before a stamping session , like the rest of us do ;0)


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