Saturday, 25 January 2014

The details are a bit sketchy

Still struggling with the energy/concentration thing,
but today was a Cubby Hole playday*
and as I didn't fancy lugging a lot of stuff with me
I just took a small sketch pad and some pencils.
I don't do a lot of sketchwork so it was good to experiment.

I came across this winter wolf photo a while back
whilst I was looking for something on Google
and was fascinated by the eyes
so decided to try reproduce it.
Lesson No' 1:
drawing a white wolf
on white card
is a lot harder than it looks!

This is a portrait of a friend,
again taken from a photo,
and as usual I can't get the mouth right!
Somebody recognised who it was whilst I was doing it,
so it can't be that bad :)

*Playdays are interesting as you're never sure what's going to be happening.
Today we had people felting, quilting, creating mosaics and journalling.


  1. hubby (who adores wolves) loves the wolf sketch as do I.

  2. Nigel, your wolf is fabulous!! i absolutely love it. LOVE the minimal detail and those eyes. Great job on this one! You obviously have a knack for sketching, and should do it more often. Have yourself a great Sunday! xox

  3. the white wolf on the white card is beautiful. It is good to see you creative again. Thank you for sharing and looking forward to seeing more sketches. Big hugs!