Monday, 1 October 2012

Odds & sods, bits & bobs

Ye gods!  3 weeks!

So much for getting back to blogging etc. Once again, life has managed to get in the way. Nothing spectacularly earth shattering, just life. Oh well, it's better than the alternative!

There has been creativity, just nothing really worth blogging. Some birthday cards, gift tags, that kind of thing. Plus background work for other projects; making blank journals, backgrounds on canvases and so on.

At one point I got a little bored of all this preparation, and just wanted to create something purely for the sake of it, and inspiration came in the form of a blog entry by the wonderfully talented and inspirational Pauline Leger.

It's nothing fancy, deep or meaningful, just a quick burst of 'stream of conciousness' random creativity.  

I've also signed up for AEDM2012

Last year was my first year, and it was a blast. Apart from art I also managed some poetry and short prose, and it's a great way to get the mojo going. It also introduced me to some amazingly talented blogger artists. 


  1. I usually blog things are not blog-worthy, but sometimes that's the best I can do;)
    I often look at Pauline's blog too..she is very inspirational.
    (What you say is true, creativity seldom leads to perfection!)

  2. I knew there was a reason I wasn't keen on math ;)

    enjoyed reading your post Nigel ... kind of like sitting down with you or what I imagine it might be ... good real conversation

    thanks for the links...I'm off
    p.s. Happy October!

  3. Yes, I agree that life is so much better than the ;). I must check AEDM... Hope you're well! x

  4. Nigel!! Thank you for the plug!! I'm catching up on blogs (again) tonight...
    When i first saw this work of yours, my first thought was "i LOOOOOOOVE THIS!!!" and then when that i had somehow inspired you, i was touched... (staring at the ground, hands behind my back, softly kicking my foot in the sand..) ;-) I love how you treated the type here too... the contrast between the 2 (math and creativity). You got it. Hit the nail on the head. Thank you for the compliments. If you were near, i'd give you a big Canadian bear hug. :-) xox