Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dad dancing?

This is a crafty version of an ear-worm*

I have no idea why it came to be stuck in my head, but it did, and like an ear-worm the only way to get rid of it was to journal it.

Ok, by now, those outside the UK are probably wondering what I've been 'using' (as well as many in the UK) but I'm clean - well, apart from the stains on my shirt, but that's because I couldn't find my bib.

Big fish, little fish was a dance move from the 90's, usually performed at raves, and for a while the phrase was used in a mocking way to describe what some of us pass off as dancing.

This was started yesterday at the Cubby Hole, and finished off at home. After much discussion, we found that only 2 people (plus me) knew what I was on about, which led to accusations that we were weird. As the other two were Paul, and Sue Roddis there may be some truth in it.

*Ear-worm - a song/tune that becomes lodged in the brain and keeps repeating, possibly only one or two lines. Usually something banal and irritating e.g. The Wichita line man. The only way to exorcise it, is to listen to the whole song, or find something else to replace it.


  1. ha ha, then I must be weird too :)

    Follow the link for proof:


  2. Very funny!
    I must have led a sheltered life .....not heard of this before, but it makes a really in

  3. Teresting page. Silly keyboard I am using tonight. It's got a mind of its own.
    Fascinating piece. Have fun,

  4. Now that made me chuckle. Didn't know about fish dancing or ear worms lol :). Fab page by the way! x

  5. Good one Nigel..ear-worm(s) I am familiar with...learned something new with one step two step
    WAIT one fish two fish LOL
    no BIG fish little fish
    sorry I am a slow learner sometimes!

  6. Didn't use your bib? PMSL I really like this piece especially the background.

  7. lol! I never heard of an ear worm before, I love learning new things, so thanks!

  8. I wake up with ear wurms in my head all the time, hahaa... I won't say which songs/lines, I might transfer them to you and I want you to enjoy the fact that I stopped by at your blog after such a long time, instead of getting annoyed with embarrasing songs. I LOVE your big/little fish! No idea what you were talking about, but I LOVE them!