Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mojo rising?

There has been creativity over the weekend, as well as harvesting, so things may be on the up. Having said that I was at the docs this morning being prescribed ABs for a bug. 
Maybe I should have called this "Temperature rising" ;)

Before I show off the latest creations, I'm going to brag that I harvested around 6lb (3kg) of potatoes, and a large tub of chillies on Sunday. Not a bad first attempt from somebody who doesn't have green fingers.
All I need now is for the apples to finish ripening :)

And now, back to the art.

This is the backdrop to a painting which is probably going to take me weeks/months/forever to finish, as it includes a face, and I'm not that skilled at faces - yet.
This has already been re-painted once, and would have been redone a third time but I decided that it was good enough for the background, especially when a big chunk of it will be painted over.
Watch this space......


  1. The painting has such atmosphere, I look forward to its development.

    Well done on your spud haul. We had so much rain that some growers got blight. Though mine did not get blight, they were very damp in the ground....lovely flavour, but they won't store well.
    I hope you savour the delicious flavour of home grown spuds...nothing like them!
    Next year try sugar snap peas....nothing like picking them and popping them in the mouth....taste like sweets.

  2. Congrats on your haul. Courgettes are very easy to grow. The main problem with them is keeping up with harvesting them while they are still quite small, otherwise they turn into giant marrows. But that's easily solved by giving them to friends and neighbours. And the flowers are beautiful.

  3. Great atmosphere on this painting Nigel...looking forward to its transformation. Is that Batman lurking in the clouds :)
    suzi b

  4. forget to say... congrats with the garden haul... nothing like spuds straight from the earth... yummy!

  5. I sense there's a storm coming....well, ok, the dark clouds are a big hint! Can't wait to see how you work the face in...

  6. I can see a face starting, maybe a face in the clouds? I also had a wonderful potato harvest this year, there's nothing like food from the garden.

  7. The painting is great but I am in awe of the green thumb thing... 3 kg of spuds is huge... and chilli is always a winner... we grow lots.... well Sinus grows and I supervise... asian greens and mange tout and sugar snaps, and we have some carrots and beets coming on, but it is all a bit measly... sinus will get all competitive when I tell him how impressive your harvest is... make sure you post some pics of your apples when you harvest them...xx

  8. Wow... love the colors of the painting.. fabulous! ... :)