Sunday, 9 October 2011


My entry for the last Cubby Hole challenge which was "Green & Pleasant Land" - a reference to Blake's poem "And did those feet in ancient time". It is more commonly known as "Jerusalem", which is the version that was put to music by Parry.

Although officially "God save the Queen" is the anthem of the UK and it's constituent countries; Jerusalem is considered by many to be the unofficial national anthem of England. When sporting events feature the seperate countries, Wales has "Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau", Scotland has "Flower of Scotland", but we still get stuck with "God save the Queen", which is hardly inspiring. Oh well, maybe one day.

This was done with multi-layered image transfers onto canvas. The words and background colour are a copy of the preface to "Milton", a work by Blake where the words first appear, and were applied using gesso transfer. The Dark Satanic Mill was then applied over the top using PVA transfer.


  1. Fabulous canvas it.. i had a similar idea but nothing took shape :(

  2. This is just gorgeous Nigel! Very cleverly done too. xx

  3. Very nice to wake up and have a listen to these very fine and inspiring selections dear Nigel!

    You certainly do well with PVA transfers! I've not tried that before

    Love the ancient look of this piece and your perfect touches of color too!

  4. Gorgeous page, Nigel! Love the colours and the fabulous image transfers ;) x

  5. I just have had a tour or your art here on your blog. I absolutely love your journalling and your other art pieces. Love the altered book, think that has to be my favourite. I am going to have to follow ... so i dont miss much more
    Take care for now
    ps, please drop by my blog if you get chance, Theres lots to see including 9 new freebies if you click on the link there.