Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Autumn splendour

Two weeks ago we had an altered book workshop at The Cubby Hole with the talented Christine Costello, her first ever workshop. The workshop was excellent, and full of the usual characters - although we were on our best behaviour as it was her first workshop. The resulting creations were a wonderful mix, and this is my take on the theme. It's taken two weeks to make it onto here as I kept adding bits to it. (There's several pics as I couldn't decide on a favourite).
The book is (was) "Eighteenth Century Europe", a somewhat dog-eared text book from an era gone by. The first step was to cut out a niche and then glue the pages together. There is also a slot for a drawer, but I decided to abandon that idea. Once all the cutting was complete the pages were glued together and a hole cut in the front cover.
Next a piece of 12x12 was covered in Dreamweaver embossing paste, various embossing powders and inks. Once dry, this was torn up and used to cover the outside, before adding more texture and layers. Remaining pieces were cuttlebugged to make leaves.
The inside was coloured with distress inks and metallics, and the edges painted with gold lustre. Since getting it home I've added the front cover image (Oak, Ash & Thorn from Third Coast RS) and clear embossed it, adding fibre and more texture as well; and also filled the niche with straw and autumn goodies. The Poem is "To Autumn" by Keats.


  1. ooo I love the Autumn goddess on the front!

  2. Fabulous Nigel!
    I'm still working on mine... I decided to put a little book inside so jad to make the aperture bigger!
    Sue :)

  3. This is really eye catching. I particularly like the cover. penny

  4. Gorgeous Nigel .... great to see it completed. Mine is still a work in progress but its getting there. Your niche bits n bobs are fab!

  5. What a fabulous way to use a book. Love the idea and the finished product.

  6. fantastic work ! love all the texture....looks great both inside and out.

  7. What a brilliant work! Fantastic design!

  8. I love your altered book Nigel.I used to make them but not in a long while. The top pictures are gorgeous! xx

  9. You must be SO pleased with how your altered book turned out Nigel!

    You have certainly started my morning off royally...music and Keats ... I appreciate that very much ... now it's high time for a cup of tea!

    Super workshop and grand results!!!
    The close up views are brilliant too!

    It is definitely "hedge cricket" time here in Virginia ... the leaves are slowing turning and there is a nip in the air again

    Happy Autumn to you!

  10. Your altered book looks fabulous, Nigel! All the details are so lovely and allow the eye to wander around and around. Just perfect! Love it.

    Gaby xo