Thursday, 11 August 2011

One for Tracy...

.....because apparently she likes to see what random quotes I come up with.

This was made last weekend and this is the first real chance to post it up.

Now to go and finish some birthday cards for the weekend.


  1. Good one Nigel...
    fab colors and use of sequin waste too (I am assuming that is what you might have used?)

  2. Ha ha ha!!! Love the quote!!! And the birdies are super cool with their oversized shoes. Fab, fab, fab!!! Can I have a page, too? :) x

  3. Wonderful Nigel! Great text, adorable leggy birds and AWESOME background!

  4. I like it I like it. I have got to use this one Nigel. LOL. Thank you I love your quotes . Tracy

  5. Thanks for your kind comments Nigel on my first DT piece for SSSS. You asked how big the dress form is, approx a foot. Take care, Tracy x

  6. I used to actually say this to my kids...! cute little birdies...lovely color!