Friday, 26 August 2011

.... and one for Joanna

Before I get into the main post, apologies to those whose blogs I've neglected, and who I owe an email or post, Life™ has been a bit hectic. I've been away at another camp which was a real bonus, very chilled and recharged as a result, plus there's been lots of family stuff going on. Hopefully life™ will shortly return to normal and I'll get back to some regular crafting/blogging (famous last words).

Anyway, back to the real reason for this post.

Following my last post, I received a comment from Joanna/Asia asking if she could have a page as well, so in a moment of madness I asked her what she'd like and the reply was:

"long legged birds and moths"

Nothing difficult then!

After racking my brains, I was looking at the long legged birds from the Octopode Factory, and thought "they look a bit moth eaten". Ta-da - I have an idea, so I present to you "Moth Eaten" - especially for Joanna.

Now, anybody else got any weird ideas, or can I get back to my normal* crafting?

Also, when I was creating this page, I had a visit from this wonderful creature, and yes it really was 5cm across (2" in old money).

*Normal is a relative term :)


  1. How Whimsical is this !!! Love it though I get scared by moth for some reason ! I was thinking really hard on what to get you and I think I got an idea.. will put into the action next week ! :D Wishing you peaceful Life™ !

  2. Ha ha!!! See, I knew you COULD do it!!!! Didn't doubt for a second. Love the "moth eaten" bird and the colours are just perfect! And this way I've learnt a new English expression, too! Thank you for my ;) page...! ;))

    Hope Life™ will be kinder to you soon, it's treating me very harshly at the moment, too, so I know how you feel... x

  3. great how you've put Moth Eaten behind what looks like gauze AND a visit from that handsome moth ... do do do do (to the tune of twilight zone)

    sending good vibes your way dear Nigel
    take care my friend!

  4. The design, the texture, the colors ... this page is splendid in all of its details, Nigel! Terrific art!

  5. lol Brilliant. Love the moth eaten aspect.

    and ewwwww at the 2" character!!! You could have given him a paintbrush and crafted together!