Sunday, 22 August 2010

Lancelot Q Fotheringay's Guide for Gentlemen

You have to admit, it's a heck of a title :D

Yesterday was another Sarah Anderson workshop at the Cubby Hole, and this one was to make a steampunk inspired journal from scratch. In this case the 'scratch' was an old book cover and several sheets of card inked up and sewn into it.

Steampunk is something that's been lurking in the background of my crafty ideas but I've never really done anything about it. It's a theme/genre that's difficult to pin down, so i'll just point you in the direction of The Steampunk Workshop and then recommend that you go and drool over this!

Anyway, back to the workshop. Once we'd created our books, we were free to decorate and fill them in any way that we liked. I didn't finish the cover as I wanted to use a couple of bits that I had at home, so I worked on a couple of the pages instead.

One of the books that had donated it's cover was an old engineering book, and there was also an encyclopedia volume. These provided me with plenty of old drawings and charts, and inspired the idea of a combined handy reference book and journal for my intrepid new victorian hero; one Captain James P Hemmings.


  1. Nigel (or should I say Captain hemmimgs?) the Book is FANTASTIC!!!I love what you've done with the cover.

  2. I did not get to see your finished pages, they are great, love the image on the right hand side and your hand written text is so apt, Captain Hemmings. Have a good evening, Tracy x

  3. Great Steampunk creation Nigel! and that certainly IS quite a title. I really enjoy working with book parts ... devilish good fun ripping an abandoned book apart and then using the parts ... you've done that so well here!

  4. The book is gorgeous! Beautifully done! Love the cover!

  5. Where on earth do you find these words? And I am perturbed which gentlmen you are basing it on hehehe....I can be cheeky may not be seeing you for a couple of weeks now. (ly really)

    Your work is fabulous as usual...this is very classy indeed!
    "that woman"

  6. Fantabulous book!!! Great idea, and your work is just ever! x

  7. Fantastic steampunk work. I had so much fun looking at each piece. Great work putting it together
    hugs June