Sunday, 8 August 2010

It's not square :)

Yesterday was a Play-day at the Cubby Hole. Basically, come along with some of your stash and spend the day (or part of it) crafting with friends without any of the usual distractions like kids, PC, TV, etc. It's amazing how much you get done without distractions, and somebody usually has the essential crafty item you've forgotten lol.
I managed to finish two raven pages, and a couple of random art journal pages before running out of steam.
This one is the first page of my new journal, and it's not the usual 8x8, it's 8x4. The last batch of journals in the shop included a couple of different sizes and I managed to snaffle this one before anybody else got to it :D
The words are taken from an article in the latest issue of Somerset Studio and hopefully they'll remind me to just 'go for it'.


  1. Fab page...a great message to all of us I think! :)
    Glad to hear that you had a good 'meet', AND that you got some crafting done too...something we don't seem to achieve at ours!! To much gossiping me thinks! lol

  2. I really, REALLY like this page. That's a great phrase and you went for it :D

  3. Great size and beautiful art and words Nigel. Love this innovation.

  4. Great page Nigel, Let Your Freak Flag Fly is a fun throw back to the 60's/70's isn't it.
    The Cubby Hole sure sounds like a place you visit and don't want to leave for awhile ;)
    There certainly IS something to be said for uninterrupted time ... here here!