Monday, 28 December 2009

Ready for another year

Well I've survived part one of the silly season, but despite 4 days off work I've not got around to doing anything crafty, so I figured I'd better start.

The Cubby Hole is closed until next week, but we have a new project - "A year in the life of..." The idea is to keep a record of our lives in 2010, using whatever format we like. There's no rules; it can be monthly, weekly (yeah, right) or just random entries when something happens. I haven't decided what I'll do with mine, other than use an 8x8 journal, I'll probably just make it up as I go along and what better to start with than the front page? I have to admit that now it's finished I'm not too sure about the lettering. I think it was better without it, but it's too late now.

Happy new year.


  1. I LOVE it and I particularly like the lettering ... what a great idea ... a year in the life ... I may just have to copy you ... can I? Huh? Can I???

  2. Looking good Nigel...the page i mean. :)

    Is that one of the Time Holtz "timeworks" masks? It's one of my faves nd has adourned a few of my crafty bits. Great job.

    Happy New Year mate.


  3. Love the page and SNAP! That stamp does look very familiar ;) LOL.

    Sounds like a good idea and I just might copy you too.

  4. Eeek! What have I unleashed :D

    You're welcome to join in (but no copying :P)

  5. I like this idea - look forward to seeing your entries as and when x

  6. This is a wonderful start - what a great design and idea- hope to see some of your entries. Cheers to a happy and creative New Year Nigel!

  7. A fab idea Nigel! Not sure that mine will be that cheerful the way the year is about to start, but let's think positive...there's 12 months to go!! xx
    Wishing you a great 2010...with heaps of chocolate!! ^.^

  8. This is great Nigel, at first I thought it was done on denim, looks very like it; letters are OK, if you're like me you are never satisfied with what you do anyhow . . and what a fab idea, a 'this is your life' book! On a quilting blog I follow, a friend did a quilted page every month for the whole of '09 and now it's a finished book, I thought of doing that, but as we hope to move house it may prove difficult, so could use the journal idea instead, will be easier I think, to do on the hoof. Very Happy New Year, with lots of enjoyable crafting adventures!

  9. You are off to a very fine start on your 2010 journal Nigel, great idea, the lettering and colors look super! The cover really invites one in!

    Reading your reference to the "silly season" really made me giggle, forgot it was called that and so perfectly named too LOL

    Here's to lots of art and fun this year! Looking forward to your journal entries. After my December Journal I believe I must keep going with journal also.

    All the best!