Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The last festive card

At long last the card making frenzy has drawn to a close (until I realise I've forgotten somebody). Most of the cards are made in batches; cut, stick, sign, repeat - but a few have been one-off's for family. Unfortunately I forgot to get pictures of them before sending, but managed to remember this time. This is for a friend who's had a rough few weeks and needs a bit of cheering up.


  1. what a gorgeous card, it would cheer anyone up! I love robins on anything, is this a stamp? if so who by please?!
    Have a good Christmas Season, best wishes, Nettie

  2. Thanks for the compliment:) The stamp is by Crafty Individuals. They have a range of bird stamps which are very good (this one is a wren rather than a robin).
    All the best for the season, Nigel