Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Grungey Tuesday

Actually it's now Wednesday, but these were done last night. Apologies for not posting them this morning, but work firewall is happy to post text, but not pics. Oh well.

Nothing deep or meaningful this time, just a couple of quick cards I put together last night. I've not tried grunge-board before and it's an odd material to use at first, it even has an odd smell.

I suppose it's really designed to be used with other Tim Holtz stuff, but the only inks I have are a few distress inks in earth tones, and as I wanted bright colours to stand out from the backgrounds I had to go and dig out my pigments (Versa-cubes and cat's eyes).

They're not the best cards I've ever made, but for a first attempt I think they came out ok.

I've got a full loyalty card for the Cubby Hole, so I think I'll stock up on some brighter dye pads :)