Sunday, 16 August 2009

Four seasons in one day

Not the weather, that's been it's usual 'cloudy with occasional glimpse of sun'.

I'm talking about my Fat Quarters for the Cubby Hole swap, the theme of which is nature. My original idea was to do the four elements, but I couldn't get to grips with fire, so I went for the seasons instead. They are made from some wood grained paper that I've had sitting around for a while, and embellished with grunge-board. I'm quite happy with winter, and even more so with autumn, but I'm not too sure about the spring and summer ones. I guess I need more practice with brights and pastels.

Yesterday was a trip to the Cubby Hole to stock up on a few bits and pieces, mostly distressed inks. Unfortunately they wouldn't fit in the inks box, so I had to find a bigger box, which left me a spare box so I moved some stamps into that, which left another gap and so on. At least I eventually finished up with somewhere to put the old keys and watches that I've acquired, so for now I haven't got crafty bits lying around needing a home. I don't suppose it will last long though, it never does.

I'm off to Exmoor next weekend, and as I volunteered to teach making beady spiders I figured I'd best make one beforehand. Allow me to introduce Boris :)


  1. Well...I like all four - fantastic! I have not put mine on my blog in case I spoil the surprise (who am I kidding - nobody reads it lol).....
    We are off to Exmoor (the Exe Valley too) on Friday....its a large place isnt it??????????????
    See you soon! x

  2. It's Lovely!!!!!!

  3. Suz, there's nothing to say they have to be kept secret ;)

    Whereabouts in Exmoor?

  4. No of course not - but it does spoil the surprise should I be the lucky recipient lol! We are staying in the Exe Valley which is close to Dulverton, Minehead etc etc I believe .... seems to be in the middle of nowhere but is near the Lorna Doone valley!

  5. Lisa, thanks for the compliment :D

  6. Oh my word - Boris looks a bit too real for me ... but that is a good thing ... honest!

  7. I love the grungeboard birds and how lovely is Boris! I want one for my birthday ;)

    Have a great trip.

  8. I love your ATCs Nigel, I can see why you might prefer Autumn and Winter, they are atmospheric, but altho you're not sure about the other two I think they are great and particularly like the background on Spring, as for Boris . . words fail me!! ;o) nettie