Sunday, 19 July 2009


Sorry I'm late, but last night wasn't a night for blogging, it was one of those bleurgh sort of nights where the most enthusiasm I could summon up was to mooch around the web and eventually wander off for an early night. It must have done some good though as I've managed a couple of cards today, as well as sorting out a few bits for the upcoming trip.

First up is a birthday card for one of the ladies from the Cubby Hole who is currently laid-up in hospital after an operation. And yes, it's pink. I know that I don't usually do bright colours, but pink is one that I find fairly easy to work with. I wonder if that says something about me (and what comments I've just let myself in for?) :P

Next up is another Cubby Hole
birthday card. It's not as bright as
the other one, but still a bit outside my usual colour range. Although the design is totally different, the colour scheme was inspired by this card on Lydia's blog. Thanks :)

Last but not least is my entry for the July Tag Swap at the Cubby Hole. Back to
normal colours for this one, but two out of three ain't bad (where have I heard that before?). There's been a good response to the swap, with a couple of entries coming in by post (including one from overseas). I'm not 100% why, but it's probably because it's a quick and easy project to do and doesn't require the long term commitment of the journals and ATCs.

I doubt if there will be a blog next week as I'll be sat drinking wine on a beach in the Hebrides and trying to decide where to explore first. I'll blog as I go along, and post it if, by some miracle, I manage to get a decent broadband signal.


  1. Oooh Nigel. Loving what you have done with the wonderfully bright card, colours are delish. So love your tag. Love how you put together the template challange card - really like the inventiveness of the corners. Have fun in the hebridies. :-)

  2. Hellooooo!!! Gosh! You've been busy, busy!! ^.^
    Loving your pink card...and can't wait to see more of your pink creations! Pink is good! :)
    Love, love, love your next glad to be of assistance on the colour front! And Thank You :)
    *takes off sunglasses*
    Fab tag! And a fab Meatloaf hit too! lol
    Have a wonderful time on the beach next week...and as there's a song to go with that too...just stick to 'Drinking wine on the beach' huh?!! Lol
    Happy exploring :)