Saturday, 19 April 2014

Some things aren't meant to be

Remember this from my last post?
Well, no matter what I did it just got worse,
and it still looked like a bloke in drag.
In the end I dug out the gesso,
but couldn't really hide the underlying ugliness,
and the fineliner kept bleeding through.
So really there was only one option,
and that was to go to the dark side!
What emerged from the black and red was this
Much better :)
Make Art Not War is by Shepard Fairey
And the whole thing was inspired by
Spandau Ballet
Through the barricades


  1. Oh, Nigel - I very much like the end result. Though you could have gone all Star Wars with your start! :)

  2. Bloke in drag LOL I like the end result much better but then I do like black and red:)

  3. :) yep, I have been in that situation before. I think the most important during the moments of not feeling well with our creativity is to give it time, be kind and gentle to yourself and patient!!!!!!!!!! (this is my the biggest challenge), change it (like you did), or leave it and start something else (with open, happy heart and mind). Happy spring!

  4. I'm back!! :) ...You're still creating fab art work...and with the bonus of top music too!!!
    I am currently sitting in your 'other' message folder on Facebook... with a flask of coffee and a pack of biccies ...but totally understand if you want to leave me there!! Lol :)