Saturday, 7 December 2013

Betula pendula

aka Silver Birch.

This is the piece that I started on the last day of AEDM
and I've slowly added to it this week.

Although the trees are the focal point at the moment,
they'll actually just be part of the background
when I finally get the whole thing finished
(don't hold your breath)

Finally, for those who think I am a caring, sharing individual
and all sweetness and light,
you may like to know that I am conducting psychological warfare
against my youngest daughter.
For some reason I am feeling more Christmassy than usual this year
(which means I have actually taken note of it).
I found a very cheap, tacky light-up snowman
and announced that I had decorated my desk at work.
This was met with sarcasm from said off-spring,
so I am now on a mission to be as clichéd as possible for the festive season.
So far I have window lights,
festive music, 
mince pies
and Christmas cards
ticked off the list.
When I spoke to her earlier she was sounding slightly concerned,
and muttered something about four horsemen.
The tree is going up tomorrow!



  1. Beautiful piece. So sunny and bright and you captured trees so well.
    Also it sounds like you are in very merry christmassy mood. Enjoy it!!!


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