Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Trying to hold it together......

If you're on the Wright Brain course you'll recognise this; if not, read on :)

Poor Dave*, life used to be so simple.
He worked in a very male environment, with lots of manly activities going on; noisy machines, heavy lifting and communicating in simple, non-ambigious language accompanied with appropriate gestures.
Then one day he found himself in a very different environment, surrounded by women, where the loudest noise was that of typing, and the heaviest thing to lift was a pen. Even more disturbing, the language was very complex and one word could have many meanings, signified by the lift of an eyebrow, or the stress on a certain letter.
Poor old Dave persevered, and slowly he began to understand the complexities of this new environment; the politics, rituals, pecking order and even how to distinguish who wasn't speaking to whom at any given time.
The breakthrough came when he walked in on a conversation about shoes, and realised just how important this was!

No wonder he's cracking up!

*names have been changed to protect the guilty ;)


  1. Terrific collage, especially love it when the lightning strikes........lol

  2. Absolutely brilliant Nigel..
    you had me hanging on every word...
    hoping Poor Dave comes out richer for all he's going through :)
    Your collage is WOW !!!

  3. Brilliant!!! Love the collage and the write up made me chuckle :). Don't agree thought that the loudest noise was the keyboards. Surely that would have been all the gossiping and shoe debating!!! Mind you, you might have been talking about the typewriters lol! x

  4. Your story is fun, and this piece of art, WOW!

    It's strange and sad and interesting and funny and feminine and masculine ... WOW again!

  5. Poor Dave. But what a great story he makes! And the collage...I'm mesmerized.

  6. Great collage and story ;)