Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Postcards from the edge?

There's a new blog in town, Collabor-ART created by Sarah aka 'Flo', and full of wonderfully creative people who've come together to swap ideas and artwork. I'm really chuffed to have been invited to join them.
In amongst other challenges is mail art. I have 2 postcards that I've submitted to the tender mercies of Royal Mail, and I've received a wonderful postcard from Flo created from a piece of corrugated cardboard. Our postie is looking slightly bemused nowadays :)

This one survived Royal Mail!

Currently MIA

From Flo - Nuff said!


  1. Well, I love all three postcards! I bet your mail person is scratching his/her head wondering what you are up to!

  2. These are wonderful! No wonder you were invited to join them!!!

  3. These are especially the first one.

  4. Oh how wonderful! Flo makes exciting stuff! Are 'foreigners' allowed? I will check out that link!

  5. Wooo hooo!! Exciting or what??? Fabulous pieces ;)) x

  6. Very exciting and very cool Nigel!

    I have always wanted to send an altered shoe or plastic bottle in the mail...will look forward to more of your mail art reports and other challenges too

    off to check out the links
    Happy Weekend to you

  7. I love postcard challenges & swaps .... especially ones like this. I bet the postie enjoys finding something so interesting in his sack!! Inspiration Avenue are holding one too. Closing date for entries is today if you're interested .... let me go find the link....

  8. Looks like this is going to keep you busy for a while!

  9. Wonderful work Nigel, and I love Flo's piece, too!

    I do have to ask if that diamond plate texture actually IS diamond plate ... it's looks damn real!

    Also ... chuffed? I assume that's a good thing? :)