Saturday, 21 May 2011

Tempus Fugit

The theme at this month's Altered Alice challenge is Time.

I spent ages trying to find a suitable quote about time, or come up with an idea, when I remembered a quote from a while back:

"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana"

So here it in full, glorious technicolour :)

Oh, and for those who, like the Cubby Hole crew today, think I made it up, you might want to take a look here.


  1. Fabulous Nigel, love how you always find just the right quote. Great take on our challenge. Thanks for joining us again this month. Tracy x

  2. I agree with Tracy.
    Where do you get them from?
    I bet you have a note book and jot down
    potentially useful ones that just might come in handy one day.
    I'd have to do a Google search or pick up a book, or make them up!!
    Nice artwork, by the way and very amusing flying bananas.

  3. Hi Nigel, I can imagine the reaction of the Cubby Hole crew..
    Love the flying bananas!

  4. It's an odd expression, and to me (not being English) it sounds so weird. I know the expression 'going bananas' but flying and bananas??? This has me puzzling... I like the page!

  5. Great idea Nigel and I love that quote which really made me smile.
    Fliss x

  6. LOL only you could fit bananas into the time theme!!!! LOVE IT! THanks for taking the TIME to play along with ius at Altered Alice!

  7. Great fun and great work Nigel! Gave me a big smile.xx

  8. great quote-super flying bananas!
    I bet I know who was giving you jip over at the Cubby hole!.

  9. Sorry Chris aka Papillon it wasnt me! I was on my best behaviour - I was absent from play lol :)

    Lovely background nigel ....

  10. Thanks for returning for another spin of the wheel on The Altered Alice!!! It does not even surprise me that you have managed to merge Alice, Time, and Groucho Marx into one piece complete with flying bananas, hahaha! Kudos, I love these humorous entries! And I am quite sure that Groucho would approve (insert waggling eyebrows and cigar here)!!!

  11. I love the pages and that quote is brilliant! Both in your true style, just perfect ;) x

  12. Haha I DO believe you Nigel!
    The colors on this piece are super and your sense of humor always tickles me...bananas will never look the same ;)

  13. I had to laugh out loud with this entry, Nigel. Keep 'em coming! Bananas and fruit flys do go hand in hand.

  14. Nigel, this is so COOL! Do I spy paint over clear embossing? And your sentiment! FUN!

  15. love that quote...the pages turned out marvelous!


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