Friday, 25 June 2010

A life in 68 images

Originally "A life in 77 pictures", but I wanted to use all images and some of them looked odd in a 1"x1" square so I used some artistic licence (who said cheated?).

This is another of the 'projects' that Carol has dreamt up for us at the Cubby Hole.


1. Take an A3 sheet of card and divide into 1½" squares - giving 77 squares (and a bit left over).

2. Find images, items, etc that evoke a memory and will fit into a 1" square and glue one into each square marked out on the card. I used digital photos, but it could be tickets, keys, receipts - anything really.

3. Paint the card with background colour(s), working between the items. Don't worry about being neat.

4. Once that colour is dry, go over the whole thing with a very thin mix of Gesso or other light colour paint, applied with a nearly dry brush. I used Stewart Gill "White Mist" and "Seaspray". The idea is to tone down the images without hiding them completely.

5. Once that's dry you can add more colour, texture, words, etc., to fit your own design.

It's a fairly simple project to do, the hard part is getting together 77 bits and bobs.



  1. This is an amazing project and creation Nigel, I am impressed.
    It looks like you cut all of the openings!
    I bet seeing it in person is powerful too

  2. Looks a very interesting project and a great way to record important times.
    AFTH is a place in Harrogate owned and run by Dyan Reavely it is called "ART FROM THE HEART". She is a fab teacher and runs fantastic workshops, she is also the EUROPEAN RANGER EDUCATER. You can find her on my blog "DYLANS BLOG".

  3. What a good idea - love it x

  4. This is wonderful Nigel. I love projects like this and how they lead to insight about moments in your life and what you took from them. A true collage of bits and pieces of the mind and the heart. Lovely art!

  5. Indeed, this is a gorgeous project. Your collage is terrific, Nigel! I love the way you blend it all together!

  6. Hello, I just started blogging and while hopping around I found your very interesting blog. I love this idea of many small photos being used this way. I might have to try this myself.