Saturday, 6 March 2010

International Women's Day

This week's theme over at 4x4 Friday is International Women's Day (8th March) with guest designer Athena.

I must admit, my first reaction was Eeeek!, but then I remembered a song that I was introduced to by my youngest "Terror" by My Ruin. It may not sound like a good choice, but it's a very powerful song, and the words on the 4x4 are extracts from the lyrics.


  1. Brilliant,
    yes powerful words a powerful statement.

    great choice of song for the challenge.
    Have a great Sunday

    chriss x

  2. Wow Nigel this is brilliant.
    Stunning work.

  3. These are powerful lyrics and your art illustrates them beautifully Nigel- bravo!

  4. Nice work Nigel. Is that a paper background or did you make it that colour? Looks good.

    PS: I see Carolyn's is broken at the moment, i have money on the pic of your denim jacket crashing the site! ;)

  5. Calv, Have you been near the site today by any chance? :p

    The background is paper by the way.

  6. Fantastic lyrics, Nigel...I think I need to paint them on my wall. :) Okay, maybe not so drastic a statement, but worthy a page in my art journal I have yet to begin. :)